Hommage Jeongseon

Someone said that he climbs because there is a mountain. In my case, I gaze at the mountain in the same reason. The climbing mountain can be a dynamic activity but I would like to emphasis how emotionally touching with the gazing at the mountain. In the case of western culture, they usually try to conquer the mountain (nature). In contrast, eastern culture tends to coexist with the mountain (nature). For the reason of the geographical condition of my house, I can see the mountain in everywhere such as an alley around my house and the gate of my house. Especially, I can directly face the mountain not only at a balcony on the third floor but also at a roof garden. My town where is Seochon in Seoul has still kept a traditional atmosphere. Perhaps the reason can be In-Wang Mountain and Buk-Ak Mountain which have surrounded Seochon for over 5,000 years. 300 years ago, Gyeomjae Jeongseon who, is one of the representative painters of Chosun dynasty, lived same town with me. In addition, a lot of masters of Korean modernism art such as Lee, Sangbum, Lee Bongsang, Chun Kyungja, and Han mook devoted their life for an art in the same place. Therefore, it seems the reason why a large number of artists still prefer to build up their artistic careers in this town. Before Gyeomjae paint the In-Wang Mountain titled by ¡®Inwongjesegdo¡¯, it was just simple nameless mountain that is located in western side of Seoul. After the ¡®Inwongjesegdo¡¯¡¯ was eventually completed, the mountain has got meaningful importance. It is similar to a part of Korean famous poem titled ¡®Flower¡¯ by Kim, Chun soo. ¡°When I spoke his name, he came to me and became a flower.¡± For me, the In-Wong Mountain became an actual existence as I am looking at through the ¡®Inwongjesegdo¡¯, so it became one of the meanings of my life. It can be regarded as that the ¡®Inwongjesegdo¡¯¡¯ is painted at ideal perspective, because the painting implies variety of the mountain¡¯s impressions. The painting represents diverse atmospheres in terms of the viewer¡¯s point of view, feeling, and knowledge, due to the fact that the mountain intercommunicates with our-selves as a relation. I breed several vegetables on the roof of my house, therefore most of the vegetables that I eat have been provided from it. Sometimes I think cultivating vegetables is able to enlighten our spirits same as creating of art works. Whenever I harvest hot peppers or eggplants, I can see In-Wong and Buk-Ak mountains with delight. It is a kind of a benediction for me in the middle of complex urban life in Seoul. When I see Mont Sainte Victoire in Ax en Provence in 1980, I could reconsider that it is able to become a specific mountain because Paul Cezanne painted the mountain. It is also reborn as a meaningful mountain. I got unusual experience that when I see the Mont Sainte Victoire, it always overlapped with In-Wang Mountain. The relation between the mountain and me has built up caused by the experience, than the mountain is getting close to me as a meaning.